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Meet our Lead Team

Dr. Daniel Somba

Dr. Daniel Somba the CEO Machakos Doctors' Plaza and the Managing Director for the Imaging Department, he is a Consultant Radiologist Machakos Imaging Centre Limited. He has specialized training  to interpret medical images for diagnosis. He serves with a team of specialists.

Dr. Charles Kivindu

D.r Charles Kivindu is one of our veteran Consultant Physician and he heads the Internal Medicine department. Behind him is a vigorous team of specialists.

Dr. Norris Onzere

D.r Norris Onzere is a Consultant Obstrecian & Gynecologist who has more than 5 years experience in his specialty with a particular interest in gynecologic oncology and infertility.

He serves with a team of specialists

Dr. Levis Nguku

D.r Levis is a qualified Orthopedist Surgeon and children's Orthopaedics with many years experience in the field. His special focus in total hip replacement, total knee replacement and fracture treatment both acute and complex old fracture and also he is a children's' orthopedists.

Dr. Gladys Maina

Dr. Gladys Maina is a Dental Surgeon, she has been a general practitioner with over 6years experience with a keen interest towards aesthetic dentistry. We closely with Specialists from other fields of dentistry to provide

wholesome care all under one roof.

20201023_093622 (1).jpg
Dr. Kamotho Watenga

Dr.  Kamotho Watenga,  Consultant Pathologist with over 5 years of practice in the field of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. ( Adpath Laboratories) . He works with a team of specialists.

Dr. Joan Ondere

Dr Joan Ondere is a paediatrician with over 30 years exparience. She handles child monitoring and immunization services.

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